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How do recurring payments work?

We always try to be an as friendly and human as possible company, hence why our recurring payments are not automated. You can pay your invoice whenever you want to*, this makes sure you pay for something you still need.

You’ll get an e-mail every month which shares your invoice and a direct payment URL! 

* Policies apply

How can I cancel my subscription?

Cancelling your subscription is easier than ever before! You can cancel your subscription through the myPDM Subscription Panel.

How can I request products and manage my subscription?

After paying, you’ll get access to the myPDM Subscription Dashboard within 48 hours. This dashboard gives you the option to manage your subscription, cancel it at any time, request products and more! 

I'm not satisfied with a product/products received.

PartydoosMedia offers Unlimited Revisions on a fair use base to ensure you’re always 100% satisfied with the products received.

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